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Agency Banking

Accessible Banking Services: Empowering Communities through Urban and Rural Agent Partnerships

Agency Banking

NATSAVE Agency Banking is the provision of banking services through partnerships with agents in urban and rural areas. Customers can deposit and Withdraw money from their own Natsave bank and wallets accounts. Through Agency Banking NATSAVE is expanding its distribution network, and extending its digital transformation and financial inclusion agenda.

The NATSAVE Agency Banking app

  • Natsave agency banking is an online based solution which can be downloaded on either Android or Apple devises, it can be operated on a POS terminal or Smartphones
  • It has Cardless transaction processing functionalities
  • Supports e-wallet transactions
  • It is provided on an Evolute UniPOS a5 terminal

The following are the requirements for opening a NATSAVE agency banking.

3 Contract forms, in which one copy goes to you, another one for our record and the remaining two go to our legal department.

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration of business name as applicable.
  • Copy of valid Business Licence or permit for the last 12 months.
  • Copy of the latest annual returns.
  • Copy of IDs (Passport or National ID preferred) for Sole proprietor, partners in a Partnership and Officers of a corporate entity.
  • Two passport size photos per person for sole proprietor, partners in a Partnership and Officers of a corporate entity.
  • Copy of TPIN for corporate entity
  • Physical location, postal address and telephone numbers of the proposed agent (and agent outlets) and sketch map for business and home location
  • Minute resolution of agreeing to open a business account with the bank for agency purposes
  • References from at least two people who have known the person (sole proprietor, partners in a Partnership, CEO and Officer in charge of agent banking business for corporate entity) well for a long time and are known to be of good standing. 
  • Opening a float account.
No Agent Name Address Town/District Province
1 Apollo Lusaka West Lusaka Lusaka
2 Engen Filling Station Chilumbulu Road Lusaka Lusaka
3 GS Cash Kulima Tower Lusaka Lusaka
4 Maria Adams Kamwala South Lusaka Lusaka
5 Mt Meru Filing Station Burma Road Lusaka Lusaka
6 Perfect Link Lewanika Mall Lusaka Lusaka
7 Petroda Filing Station Makishi Road Lusaka Lusaka
8 Smart Investment Next To Chelstone Buzzer Lusaka Lusaka